Thank you for taking the time to visit the WAFER HANDLING section of our website.  In this section you will find a complete listing of our manual & automatic wafer handling/transfer products.
G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. carriers a complete line of wafer handling equipment that is fast, clean reliable, and accurate.  Our automatic mass transfer systems can be customized for a variety of both quartz, plastic, and silicon
carbide boats.
Our Experience

The engineering staff at G2 Automated Technologies, LLC. has over 20 years experience in the specific field of WAFER HANDLING & AUTOMATION.  We pride ourselves in problem solving and helping our customers find solutions to issues they may have in there manufacturing process.
What Sets Us Apart

Our business "IS" wafer handling, not just a way for us to gain investment monies  by show & tell.  We work hard at producing a quality product at a fair price.  We stand behind our products along with supporting our customers no matter what the cost.  We believe that's what sets us apart from our direct competition.

System Standard Features:

1.  Exclusively Pneumatic
          *  The Liberty Elite Pneumatic Systems are 100% air logic controlled using technology developed over the last 20 years.  These machines are safe, reliable, and well accepted in the industry.
2.  Preserved Flat Alignment
          *  Our systems completely preserve flat orientation during wafer transfer.
3.  Cassette/Boat Presence Sensors
          *  Our systems are built with sensors built into the platform/stage to prevent the machine from operating unless the correct cassette/boat is loaded properly for the wafer transfer system to sequence and proper orientation of the boats as well.
4.  Edge Exclusion -Minimal Wafer Contact
          *  Our wafer transfer lifts systems require minimal wafer edge contact during the transfer procedure.
5.  Safety Return Sensors
          *  The safety return sensors are a built in safety device that will help prevent a dangerous environment.  If the pick up combs should encounter any resistance, the lift system will stop and return to the bottom home position.  These sensors perform the same function as the stop button.
6.  Auto Pusher
          *  If required, the auto pusher ensures proper cassette/boat referencing for proper pickup of wafers by the lift system.
7.  Exhaust Port
          *  Optional hookup allows internal exhaust and particles to be evacuated from the system for a super clean operation.
8.  Save Your Realestate
          *  G2 wafer transfer systems are designed to requie minimal amount of clean-room space.
1.  Electronically Controlled Machines
          *  A PLC is a device, which can be programmed to perform a series of sequence of events.  These events are triggered by electrical inputs received at the PLC or through delayed actions such as time delays or counted occurrences.  Once an event has been triggered, it is actuated in the system by switching ON or OFF electronic controls or devices.  PLC's are very reliable and widely used for system automation.

2.  Stage Platform Reflective Sensor
          *  This sensor detects wafer presence within a cassette/boat and will inhibit the machine from operating if no wafers are detected in the sending cassette/boat.  Also if during unload operation if no wafers are detected in the sending cassette/boat.  Also, if during unloading of wafers from the retainers/holders, wafers are detected in the receiving cassette/boat the system will stop until the wafers are removed.

3.  Retainer Thru-Beam Sensor
          *  This sensor detects wafers within the retainer assembly.  If during a unload wafers from the boat, wafers are detected in the retainers/holders, the system will stop until wafers are removed from the retainer/holders.

4.  Optical / Electric Sensors
          *  These are the newest in sensor technology that detect wafer presence, and are also used to ramp speed control.

5.  Ramped Speed Control
          *  The ramped speed control provides gentle pick-up and landing of wafers from the retainers/holders and combs.

6.  Pause Function
          *  When pressed, lift system movement (up/down) will pause.  This allows easy maintenance and observation of the system.

7.  Flat Panel Display
          *  Controls and graphics operate from touch panel display eliminating standard start/stop buttons.  Also allows all machine maintenance to be performed through display.

Wafer Handling Equipment



Need a budgetary quotation?  Please don't hesitate to contact G2.  We have never claimed to be the cheapest, however our tools are the most reliable & accurate tools on the market.  With a warranty like no other.

1.  Stainless Steel Wafer Transfer System W/ Recessed Mounting
2.  Vespel Package (High-Temperature Applications)
3.  Stainless Steel Skins/Covers
4.  Hot Boat Sensor & Lock Out Function
5.  Communications Package

1.  Ultem -Standard
2.  Vespel
3.  PEEK
4.  ESD - SEMITRON 410
5.  Polypropylene
6.  Hydex
Note:  If there is a specific material you would prefer we use, PLEASE just let us know and we will work within your specifications. 

We understand that in many cases upper management are visual people.  They need to see it work first.  If we have a video of a product you are interested in seeing, please contact us so we can upload a video link for your review.  We post these videos under a private link and only keep them posted for a limited time. 
If there is a system we do not have a video of, we will offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  Basically you place a purchase order for the product you feel you need and if it does not do what we say it will do then simply send it back with in the 30 day period for a full refund. 
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